The ubiquitous saying 'Sex sells' is, in my modest opinion, more than true. I made two books until now. One about cycling and one about pornography. One sold out while i use the remaining stock of other for wrapping fish and isolating walls.

This bit below is quoted from kesselskramer publishing:

Pornographic films, websites and magazines all plough the same furrow - the repetition of the same act, in all its variations. Where they differ is their opening sequences, the patently fake and false scenarios, which are an afterthought to the main event. This issue of Useful Photography celebrates these opening scenes, often cliche, sometimes bizarrely inventive, but always supremely fake. Taken out of context, they tell a different story. A story of amateur acting, and showcasing the talents of actors not usually noted for their acting. Made with Hans Aarsman and Erik Kessels.